Illustration Status: OPEN
VTuber/Live2D Status: WAITLIST OPEN
Tune & Time Status: OPEN


Omakase ($1200)


30% OFF for half body | Model comes with 3 expression toggles & a full rig

Pricing Breakdown

Design - $100 | Model illustration (Including layer separation) - $600 | Rigging - $400 | Commercial use - $100

Final folder will include: VTuber profile intro | .psd file | .png file | complete rigging folder ready to be imported and used (Model + Rig only will not include a VTuber profile.)Extra expression toggles will be (+$20) per toggle & animations will be (+$40)

Rig Only ($600)


30% OFF for half body | All rigs will be full rigs with all angles enabled

Pricing Breakdown

Rigging - $500 | Commercial use - $100

Live2D canvas will be based on the file providedFinal folder will include: complete rigging folder ready to be imported and usedExtra expression toggles will be (+$10) per toggle to rig & animations will be (+$20)

Model Only ($800)


30% OFF for half body | Model comes with 3 expression toggles

Pricing Breakdown

Model illustration (Including layer separation) - $700 | Commercial use - $100 (Model design +$100)

Model will be drawn on a 100 x 160 cm canvas
Final folder will include: .psd file | .png file
Extra expression toggles will be (+$10) per toggle

Terms of Service

- Crediting Policy: Clients must credit me properly (Twitter link or handle is more than enough) upon the completion of the commission.- (Only applies to bigger payments) 50% of the payment must be sent before I start on your commission. Once I complete the commission, the other 50% must be sent in order to receive the files. There will be NO REFUND once I start on the commission unless I state otherwise.- (For small payments) I begin work AFTER I receive payment- (This does not apply to audio commissions, see the page Audio for details) Commissions are paid through SQUARE in USD or through Canadian e-transfer (Will convert USD to CAD for payment) (PayPal is an option but not preferred because of fees. If paying by PayPal, fees will be calculated and applied.)- A total of 3 revisions is allowed after the line-art stage, any additional revisions will be $10 per revision. (Additionally, 50% fee of the original commission price will be applied if the direction of the commission completely changes.)- Commissions can take from 3 week to 2 months, and up to 3 - 6 months for VTubers.- I accept rush commissions. (Earliest deadline is 3 days after commission date) but will result in a 40% rush fee. Deadlines set 3 weeks after original commission date will not be a rush commission. Quality may also differ compared to none rushed commissions.- You can use the commission as you please after paying the commercial fee. All Live2D commissions include the commercial fee in the price. Audio commissions do not include the fee, please see the page Audio for pricing.- I do not allow any of my finished rigs to be rerigged unless permitted by me.

NOTE: Time and Tune commissions will be conducted through Twitter DMs and payments will be made with Ko-fi!


TypeBase PriceMaximum Track
▸Solo▸$20▸4 tracks
▸Duet▸$30▸8 tracks
▸Trio▸$40▸14 tracks
▸Chorus (4+)▸$15 per vocal▸4 tracks per vocal
Additional Add OnsPricing
▸Extra tracks beyond the maximum track limit▸$5 per track
▸Artificial Harmony▸$5 per track
▸Tune Only or Time Only▸30% off of original price
▸Rush fee (3 days - 1 week)▸40% Added onto original price
▸Commercial Use▸80% Added onto original price

Track Submission and Recording Instructions
▸Please submit your vocal tracks in the format: mono, 24bit .wav as a zip file and upload it a downloadable platform such as Google Drive.
▸Please include the ON VOCAL and OFF VOCAL of the song in the zip file for me to reference.
▸Try to record in a quiet environment with as little background noise as possible.
▸Make sure to have all the vocal files ready before you commission!
I only do vocal timing and tuning. But just a fair warning that depending on the mic quality and recording technique, final mix outcomes will vary!!

For the full portfolio, check out my mix playlist!

Once you're ready, please DM me on Twitter at @melonbread69 with this info
Commission Type:
Link to the original song:
# of tracks:
Link to the vocal zip file:
Commercial or Non-commercial:

Illustration Commission

Only fully coloured commissions are offered at the moment, other commission types may be added in the future.Commercial fees are not applied for illustrations, please contact me for commercial use!

I also offer Tarot Card Commissions.
(Current quote for a tarot card is $200-$250 per piece)

Extra Information 
Additional Character (Same canvas ONLY)70% of the original price
Simple Pattern Background$10
Complex BackgroundStarting at $40

Commission Progress

PriorityClient NameIllustrationOmakaseModel ONLYRig ONLYAudioPayment
3.Obsidian-Sketching---50% Paid


WaitlistedCommission type